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We invite working journalists to cover the event. We do ask that members of the media must meet the criteria of a journalist as published by the National Press Club of Washington DC. By registering to attend, we will provide verified press free access to the event and all exhibitor press conferences. You can expedite your into the show by pre-registering.

Media Registration Opens Summer 2017

Questions can be directed to:

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Press Releases

Here is the latest information pertaining to FABTECH available for your editorial use.

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FABTECH Name Usage

The show name must be in all caps with the registered trademark. Example: FABTECH®

FABTECH Show Logos

Promote your booth by adding the FABTECH Show logo to your web site or printed material. To download a logo, either right click the image below and choose “Save Image As” or click on the EPS link to download the print ready logo in a zip file.


Promote your booth by adding FABTECH Banners to your web site or printed material. To download a banner, right click the image below and choose “Save Image As”. If you need banner ads or logos customized or have questions, contact FABTECH Marketing Support at 800-432-2832 or email

2017 Banners Coming Soon

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FABTECH/Chicago Photos

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