What’s Up Wednesday: Accurate Die Design Inc. and Logopress3

Hello FABTECHers!  Telling us What’s Up this Wednesday is Accurate Die Design Inc. with Logopress3:

Accurate Die Design Inc./Logopress3 will be at booth #B1339 at Atlanta Fabtech this year!

Accurate Die Design, Inc. is the North American Distributor, training and support center for Logopress3.

Logopress3, a 3D design software for the Tool & Die and Metal Stamping Industry and Flattening & Blank Prediction Software for any industry using SolidWorks for design.  Our software is SolidWorks-based and a Gold Certified Partner Product.

Logopress Corp., is the only company in the world that develops die design software and relateLogopressd flattening software exclusively.

Logopress Corp. is also celebrating their 25th Anniversary kickoff at Fabtech!

If you are a designer in SolidWorks or looking to move to SolidWorks, we can show you the power of Logopress3!   Stop by our booth to learn more.


You can tell us What’s Up with your FABTECH exhibit by emailing caitlin.andrews@bgllp.com

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Fact Friday: 2014 Exhibitor Video Contest is Underway!

The 2014 FABTECH exhibitor contest is underway.


All exhibitors are invited to create a one minute video telling attendees why your company should be on their list of “must-see” list of exhibitors and enter it into our exhibitor video contest.

Get the most votes and have your video prominently displayed on the homepage of fabtechexpo.com during FABTECH 2014. Come in the top three and be featured in our attendee promotion emails, FABTECH blog and mentioned in social media posts.

Read the official rules here.

Having trouble thinking of ideas for your video?  Take a cue from last year’s top two content winners:

In first place, Xiris Automation.

In second place, Marvel Manufacturing

Good luck exhibitors in this year’s contest!

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What’s Up Wednesday: Guest Blogger Packsize Describes On Demand Packaging®

It’s Wednesday which means only one thing: We’re telling you What’s Up at FABTECH 2014.

This week, Packsize, a FABTECH exhibitor, shares how their On Demand Packaging® can be valuable for manufacturers.  Check it out - 

packsize and manufacturing

Manufacturers these days live in a world where their customer wants more for less, and they want it fast. They often have to make small or custom runs of products in a short amount of time. This is the cost of doing business today, but it can take a heavy toll on a manufacturer’s packaging costs.

So when your business has to do a small run on a product, how do you go about packaging it?

  • Do you pay extra charges to have a small quantity of corrugated boxes delivered to them?
  •  Do you order a large quantity of boxes for a small quantity of orders and let the extra boxes take up space in inventory, never to be used?
  •  Do you try to fit the orders into currently stocked boxes, even if it’s an awkward fit that could lead to damaged products?

All of these methods of packaging cost your company extra money, time, and resources.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have a perfectly-sized box at the moment you need it, and in the exact quantity you need it in?

This is where Packsize comes in.

packsize man

The On Demand Packaging® system gives manufacturers the ultimate freedom to produce a box of any size at the moment they need it.

Manufacturers are often more likely to try different types of packaging because their products change frequently. How do manufacturers that use Packsize manage all of their different types of packaging?

Well, most of the companies that use Packsize have an article database that stores all the different items they need. These articles, or box designs, can be modified if needed. Companies are free to store as many or as few as they like.

A traditional supplier would charge to have a new box design made, and would then have to cut the boxes and ship them to the company. This can be time consuming and a headache when running on a tight schedule.

With On Demand Packaging®, a new package design can be created onsite or uploaded to the machine remotely, and the machine can start producing the exact number of boxes needed instantaneously.

What other benefits are there?

Well, you may have heard of the recent dimensional price increase set to take effect January 2015. If you currently have empty space in your packaging, this price change has the potential to significantly increase your shipping costs.  We’ve recently written about ways you can calculate the future costs of dimensional charges. Packsize’s On Demand Packaging® guarantees to minimize the empty space in your packaging, so that you can avoid those pesky dimensional charges.

In addition to reduced box sizes, Packsize’s box making machines offer the following benefits:

• Saving up to 20 percent in packaging costs by using less corrugated

• Meeting client production and delivery timelines

• Reducing product damages due to shipping

• Eliminating box management and inventory

• Simplifying your supply chain

For Packsize customer Mack Molding, the benefits of installing a Packsize machine were immediate and numerous. According to Mack Molding Headquarters Plant Manager Bryan Campbell, “The small footprint of the Packsize system reduced our warehouse space requirements, resolved lead time constraints associated with inventorying various sized boxes, and reduced labor involved with stock handling and purchasing. Now we can produce exactly what our production needs require.”

“We now produce new packaging samples the same day they’re requested to prove out their viability. Prior to using the Packsize system, this would typically take us up to two weeks from an outside development standpoint,” added Campbell.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we have to offer, send us a note by clicking on the link below:

learn more


So that’s what’s up this Wednesday!

If you’d like to participate by sharing your own FABTECH experience and/or offering a preview of your exhibit or presentation planned for this year’s show, just contact FABTECH at caitlin.andrews@bgllp.com to tell us what’s up!

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Calling at Exhibitors: Step Right Up for the 2014 Video Contest!

Hey FABTECH 2014 Exhibitors!

Let’s imagine you had a megaphone at FABTECH 2014 and you got one minute to convince every show attendee to stop by your booth.

What would you say?

Well, this is no imaginary situation.  This is your chance!


Here’s a high-tech megaphone.  Create a one minute video telling attendees why your company should be on their list of “must-see” list of exhibitors and enter it into our exhibitor video contest.

Get the most votes and have your video prominently displayed on the homepage of fabtechexpo.com during FABTECH 2014.  Come in the top three and be featured in our attendee promotion emails, FABTECH blog and mentioned in social media posts.

The official rules are below.


Contest Dates
Exhibitors can submit your videos from June 1, 2014 - October 24, 2014. Submissions will be posted on the FABTECH website. Anyone can vote, and you can vote on as many videos as you wish, but you can only vote once for each video.

The winning video will be prominently displayed on the homepage of fabtechexpo.com during FABTECH 2014. The top three videos with the most votes will be featured in our attendee promotion emails, FABTECH blog and mentioned in social media posts.

How to Enter
• Read and agree to these contest rules.
• Create a video no more than one minute in length
• Login to YouTube, you’ll need to create a new account if you don’t already have one – It’s FREE!
• Click the “Upload” button to upload your video to YouTube
• Click on the Share button and copy the link to your video
• Send the video to marketingservices@fabtechexpo.com.
• Your video will be viewed to ensure it meets the contest requirements; once it is approved it will be added to the fabtechexpo.com website

Any exhibiting company at FABTECH 2014 is eligible to enter the contest.

FABTECH attendees will be your judges. They will have an opportunity to vote on their favorite video. The voting officially begins September 1, 2014 and ends on October 31, 2014 at 5 PM (EDT).

Winner Notification
The winners will be the top 3 videos with the most votes as of 5 PM (EDT) on October 31, 2014. The exhibitors will be notified via email on November 3, 2014. All 3 winners will be determined by their standings in the overall ratings.

General Information
All video submissions will be hosted on YouTube.com and displayed on fabtechexpo.com.  If you have any questions, please contact us via email at marketingservices@fabtechexpo.com.

Disclaimer: FABTECH reserves the right to refuse to display videos we deem inappropriate.

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Fact Friday: U.S. Military Veterans to Fill Manufacturing Skills Gap

Many men and women in the U.S. armed forces are now coming home from deployment overseas.  But too often, their battle doesn’t end when they land on American shores.

A assessment from the Business Insider showed that the average unemployment rate for the U.S. last year was 7.4%.  At the same time, the average unemployment rate for post-9/11 vets was 9.0%.

American soliders return from combat with many valuable skills, but they often have trouble finding a way to connect their skills with open jobs here at home.

For this FABTECH Fact Friday, we’re highlighting a special event at this year’s FABTECH Expo – a special panel on “Bridging the Manufacturing Skills Gap with Veterans.”

Scheduled for Thursday, November 11 from 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m, the panel will offer attendees the opportunity to learn about organizations and resources available to connect U.S. military veterans with U.S. manufacturing companies and hear how veterans could be the key to bridging the skills gap.

Here’s some more information about the event: There is a high demand for people to fill skilled manufacturing jobs in the U.S. and companies are challenged to find the right candidates for their open positions. At the same time, thousands of veterans and National Guard members are exiting military service looking for civilian careers. This session will discuss the gap between available jobs and the highly skilled veterans with desirable leadership qualities seeking employment.

The panel will include:

Michael J. Aroney MS, MBA, Principal Consultant, Allied Reliability Group
Joseph C. Barto III, Founder and President, TMG, Inc
Steve Nowlan, President and CEO, Center for America
Hernan Luis y Prado, President, Workshops For Warriors

And the panel will be moderated by Shane Hicks, VP Global Talent, EPICOR.

Register for FABTECH today to attend this panel and all of the other events, exhibits and activities at this year’s show.

To close out your Fact Friday, here’s a heart warming 2013 ESPN video tribute to active military returning home and surprising their families.  A sincere “thank you” to all active and retired U.S.wlecome home military. 

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FABTECH Fact Friday: Down, Set…FABTECH!

Some of the highlights of FABTECH every year, are the special events during the show.

And this year will not disappoint.

One of this year’s keynotes will be four-time Super Bowl Champion and Vietnam War veteran, Rocky Bleier.


Rocky Bleier

Encouraging FABTECH participants to “Be the Best You Can Be,” Bleier will offer parallels between the challenges he’s faced and the challenges all business people face in today’s crowded, competitive marketplace.

Bleier will speak on Wednesday, November 12 from 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Attendees will come away motivated to strive for greater accomplishments.

Not enough football for you?  Join FABTECH later on Wednesday evening for FABTECH Industry Night at the brand new College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta.

From 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., you’ll be able to enjoy food and drinks while catching up with your current industry colleagues and your new contacts.

And, even more, you’ll be able to take part in a unique interactive experience customized to your favorite college team!

We expect this to be a sold-out event so be sure to purchase your tickets early when you register! If you are already registered, just access your current registration to add your Industry Night ticket.

These are two events are guaranteed to be touchdowns.  So be sure to sign up today!

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FABTECH 2014 has Georgia on Its Mind


North America’s Largest Metal Forming, Fabricating, Welding and Finishing Event will be Held at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center on November 11-13, 2014

(ATLANTA, July 24, 2014)  – FABTECH is flying south for November! North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event is expected to attract over 27,000 attendees and 1,400 exhibiting companies to the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta on Nov. 11-13.

FABTECH exhibits will include live equipment demonstrations, offering visitors the unique opportunity to see, touch and compare products side-by-side and find cost-saving solutions.  Special events at FABTECH 2014 will include (partial list): a keynote presentation on “Creating U.S. Jobs and Bringing Manufacturing Back Home” by Walmart VP for U.S. Manufacturing Cindi Marsiglio; a special panel discussion on “Bridging the Manufacturing Skills Gap with Veterans” to be held on Veterans Day (Nov. 11); a keynote speech by former Pittsburgh Steeler great Rocky Bleier; and a special FABTECH Industry Night at the new College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta.

This year’s FABTECH expo comes against the backdrop of the continued resurgence of manufacturing in the U.S. Recent data shows that manufacturers contributed $2.08 trillion to the economy in 2013, up from $2.03 trillion in 2012. Offering a one-stop shop to source the best products and services from the U.S. and all over the world, FABTECH is an invaluable resource to the continued growth of the sector.

“With 14 million pounds of equipment over 500,000 net square feet of floor space, FABTECH 2014 will be more than 25 percent larger than it was in 2010, the last time the show was held in Atlanta,” said John Catalano, show co-manager at SME. “We’ve had record numbers of attendees at each of our last two shows in Chicago and Las Vegas because there is simply no better way to see new products and technologies than at FABTECH.”

Simultaneously, FABTECH will once again host an educational program designed to enhance attendees’ careers and businesses.

“Beyond the world-class exhibits at this year’s show, attendees can add to their FABTECH experience by registering for more than 100 educational sessions and expert-led presentations,” said Mark Hoper, show co-manager at Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International. “These sessions have become extremely popular, so we encourage attendees to sign up early if they are interested in learning more about the latest industry trends and technology in the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries.”

To find out more about FABTECH and to register, visit the FABTECH attendee registration page.  For more information about exhibiting at FABTECH, contact a sales representative.

FABTECH has made it easy to stay updated on show news and the latest news on manufacturing, as well as to engage with industry professionals before, during and after the event. Connect with FABTECH on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube by visiting its social media page. You can also read more about industry news and FABTECH events on the FABTECH blog.

About FABTECH’s Co-Sponsors

The five FABTECH co-sponsors represent a wide variety of expertiseand include: the American Welding Society (AWS), the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA), the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), the Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI) and SME. Together, these associations bring unmatched technical proficiency and industry insight to the 2014 FABTECH exposition. Read more about FABTECH’s co-sponsors here.

# # #

Note to Media: Media registration will be available in August.

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Fact Friday: The 2014 Education Program Rocks!

Happy Friday blog readers!  By know you know that FABTECH will bring together some 1,400 exhibiting companies all under one roof.  But did you know that there’s more to FABTECH than exhibits?

FABTECH also offers an array of more than 100 educational programs to enhance your career or business!  Sign up and you can network with peers, learn from top industry experts, exchange best practices, and explore the latest technology and advancements in the industry.

The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, Int’l (FMA), SME, Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), and Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI), co-sponsor the education sessions on cutting, finishing, forming & fabricating, management, job shop solutions, automation & robotics, stamping, and tube & pipe. All sessions are two hours in length, offering practical knowledge you can use right away.

Then, the American Welding Society (AWS) presents a comprehensive lineup of welding at-a-glanceeducation. Led by the industry’s top professionals, programs focus on best practices and new commercial developments in welding and thermal spray. Events include conferences, seminars, RWMA Resistance Welding School, professional program, society events, and more.

Check out this schedule at-a-glance to see what programs speak to you.  And register for FABTECH 2014 today!

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What’s Up Wednesday: Guest Blogger FlexArm Shares 5 Steps to Show Success

Hello and Happy Hump Day!

On this Wednesday, we’re unveiling a special new feature for our blog: What’s up Wednesday – a forum for exhibitors, speakers and other FABTECH community members to author guest blogs.

This week, FlexArm, a FABTECH exhibitor,  shares 5 steps to trade show success.  Straight off of their exhibit at the FABTECH Canada show, FlexArm says, “We wanted to encourage exhibitors to use their time at trade shows effectively because we believe in FABTECH!”

5 Steps to Trade Show Success

Does your company exhibit at trade shows? Do you return with a few decent leads? Do you wonder if the money invested is worth it? Are you looking for trade show success?

How much planning, preparation and participation 1goes into your trade show event?

Planning – Are you picking shows well in advance and locking in booth locations?  Sure you are!

Preparation – Are you spending vast amounts of resources to get ready for each event?  Sure you are!

Participation – Do show attendees want to stop at your booth? Do they engage with you and your product and find solutions they need?  Hmmm…

If all these questions are making you wonder if there is more that could be done to get better results from participation…You’re probably right.2

Consider this:
If you’re in a trade show booth for 7 hours and get two decent leads an hour you’ll end your day with 14 leads. Not shabby. It’s better than 4. Or 1.

If you’re in a trade show booth for 7 hours and get 6 good leads an hour, you’ll walk away with 42 leads. If you work a little harder… maybe 50 – or more. If it takes an average of 10 leads to generate a sale, the first example will net 1 sale, which would pay for a percentage of the show cost. The second example would net 4 sales. Not too bad.

What’s the difference between 4 – 14 – 40+ leads in a trade show day? In sales, it means volume(s). When your company spends thousands of dollars to be at a trade show, more sales means payback and growth. It means the difference between paying for the show and payback beyond the show. What if you have enough leads to generate more than enough sales to be profitable?

Trade show results = trade show success!

Trade show success takes participation. It’s not a spectator sport or a place to catch up on reading. The key to trade show success is creating interest and generating excitement for your brand. So if you have the planning and preparation steps nailed down, it’s time to focus on trade show success and results.

Let’s look at 5 steps to trade show success based on the one key word: participation.

1. Find interested prospects to be at the show
Create participation by inviting good leads months in advance. Contact the show organizers, get some free tickets for the show, and email leads in the geographic area offering FREE tickets for the asking. A month later, call each lead. If they plan to attend the show, offer to send tickets to them. Contact customers in the show area to see if you can visit them a day or two before the show.

2. Formulate your plan of action
How will you engage people to stop, look and listen? What ways can you pull people off the path and into your realm? What show specials can you offer? How many and what kinds of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) presentations can you have ready to create energy and move visitors to stop and become involved with you? How will you keep you booth busy, inviting, and literally shouting:

> STOPstop – we have something you want to see!
> STOP – we’re ready to listen to YOU and your needs!
> STOP – we have solutions you will benefit from!
> STOP – this is a value-added use of your time!
> STOP – you will be GLAD YOU DID….


3. Fetch interest
GO GET ‘EM!! Show hours are not sit-down hours. This is the time for a real workout, from head to toe. This is A-game time. This is when you are non-stop in generating interest and excitement. Ask people to stop. Ask questions – questions – questions to discover the needs. Never forget: the person asking the questions is in control. Mirror your prospect. They smile – you smile. Take great notes on each lead to show YOU CARE about them!


How many leads is this booth generating?


Not as many as this one!







4. Follow-up
After the show ends, many companies do a brief attempt to contact leads they’ve scanned and talked with. Then those names are filed for… later. MAYBE ONE WILL BUY SOMETHING!!! Nudge the process by contacting your leads right away while the memories are fresh.

  • Mail literature – old school, but… How do you feel when you receive something in the mail for YOU, especially if it has a hand-written thank-you note on it?
  • Email each lead to let them know you appreciate their interest. Don’t use a “canned” bulk message – personalize it with their first name and show them you care!
  • Phone each lead soon afterward to ask if they received the literature and see how you can help them.

Follow-up shows you care. You care about what you do with your time, you appreciate their time, and details matter and make a difference. YOU are there to serve. YOU are there to help. YOU are engaged with what you do and how you do it, and YOU want to provide the solutions your prospect needs. Participation matters when it comes to service – and you are a player. A team-player – and you want then on YOUR team of winning solutions.

5. Funnel qualified leads from prospect to hot prospect to customer.
Take time to work with your prospect. Ask questions! Funnel their interest from the show to your solution by listening to them and showing you understand how your solution not only fits their need, it provides the best solution for their problem.

Participation means looking for leads, generating excitement, working with the prospect, and staying with them to build a relationship and create a partnership. Trade show success = trade show results.

Loo3king for quality solutions and results for your production team? Contact us to see what shows are on our schedule and let us know more about your application. We’d enjoy sharing our ergonomic solutions with you! We’d also enjoy reading your thoughts about how you make trade shows a successful part of your own customer service strategy!


So that’s what’s up this Wednesday!

If you’d like to participate by sharing your own FABTECH experience and/or offering a preview of your exhibit or presentation planned for this year’s show, just contact FABTECH at caitlin.andrews@bgllp.com to tell us what’s up!


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FABTECH Fact Friday: Guest Blog Opportunity

Are you a speaker or an exhibitor at the upcoming 2014 FABTECH show?  Would you like to offer a sneak peak of your presentation or your booth?  If you answered “Yes,” we have a great opportunity for you.  Become a guest blogger right here on the FABTECH blog!


The FABTECH blog is a unique platform that reaches a wide audience of show attendees, exhibitors, members of the media and manufacturing industry leaders.  As a result, the blog is the perfect place for you to offer a sneak preview of your presentation or exhibit planned for this year’s show.  We have found that the blog posts help to get media and show attendees excited about stopping by your presentation and/or booth.

We’re proud of our blog so we share its content with our extensive FABTECH community on the FABTECH homepage and on social media with our over 4,600 friends on Facebook and our nearly 8,900 Twitter followers.

Here are the details:  Your blog post should be a brief (300-700 word), article-style overview of your company, technology, product, etc.  Are you a writer? Submit a post to us as a Word document and we’ll convert the text to be suitable for the web.  Don’t have time to write a post yourself? Participate in a short interview with a member of our team and we’ll draft the post based on our conversation. And if you’ve got multi-media content, we’ll take it! Pictures and video are welcome in blog posts, but not required. We’ll work with you to make your post a great preview of what you plan to show at FABTECH 2014!

Potential guest bloggers should contact us at caitlin.andrews@bgllp.com.

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