TIME: Made in the USA is Making a Comeback!

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The cover story in the April 12 issue of TIME Magazine heralds some good news for the US manufacturing sector – Made in the USA is making a comeback!

According to TIME, US manufacturing growth has outpaced that of other advanced nations, adding about 500,000 jobs in the past three years.  Further, the article notes, the number of factory jobs in the US has increased for the first time in more than a decade.

A key component of this resurgance, according to the article, is the reshoring trend that finds companies from Apple to Airbus bringing manufacturing back to the US.  The authors attribute this transition in part to cheaper American energy thanks to the shale boom, but they also note that today’s factories “aren’t the noisy places where your grandfather knocked in four bolts a minute for eight hours a day.”  In other words, as we have often written about, today’s manufacturing is less about brawn and more about brains!

With these changes to the “factories of the future” in mind, the article suggests that it is extremely important to prioritize education in the kinds of high-tech skills tomorrow’s manufacturers will need to continue growing jobs here at home.  TIME subscribers can read the full article here.  Non-subscribers can still check out some TIME material here.

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