Angela Charles: Social media, content marketing important to industrial website SEO

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As FABTECH 2013 approaches, we’re getting especially excited about all of the education sessions because they cover such a wide array of topics.  We’ve offered the pages of our blog to the FABTECH 2013 education program speakers so that they can give all of you a sneak peak of their presentations.

Our first education program guest blogger is Angela Charles who is president of Pilot Fish, an industrial website and SEO firm.  She’ll be speaking at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 20.


When someone says “social media,” 99.9% of us think of Facebook, with Aunt Crystal’s photos from the last family reunion and Cousin Linda bragging about her son’s football exploits.   As a businessperson, it’s a turnoff, and hard to reconcile with tools that will help your company generate more leads and sales.

But the reality is, social media and content marketing have become vitally important to how Google ranks your website, with about 50% of the search giant’s formula now assessing your site based on your activities in these areas.

Why is this so important?   Think about your own search engine habits.   How many pages will you click through on a search before deciding to alter your search term?   How many websites do you click on that are beyond Page 1 of Google?

Google has made SEO complicated because it knows the value of a Page 1 position and it wants you to put some effort into proving to them and the more than 1 BILLION people that use their search engine that your site is among the best in its industry, deserving of a Page 1 rank.

Today, Google uses more than 200 signals to measure your website’s value against other websites that want to rank for keywords important to you.   About half of those signals relate to what’s on your website.   The other half measure your company’s ability to promote itself elsewhere throughout the web, via social media and other venues.

For industrial companies, the key to successfully navigating those 200 signals for a high search engine position is to create a coherent SEO strategy that leverages the most appropriate opportunities for a company like yours.

At 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 20, at FABTECH, in the presentation called “Google, Blogs, YouTube and You –  How industrial companies can use Social Media to improve their SEO,” I’ll share with you:

  • The value of high search engine ranking to your company;
  • Social media and SEO tools best suited for fabricators and other industrial businesses that help improve your website’s search engine position;
  • How industrial companies can use sites like LinkedIn, YouTube and Slideshare, along with, yes, Facebook and Twitter;
  • Key concepts for content marketing, like blog development;
  • Strategies on how to incorporate social media into your current marketing efforts without sucking the life out of your sales and marketing team;
  • Case studies on successful SEO strategies that you can relate to.

The rules of SEO have changed tremendously, with Google making 7 major changes (and many more minor ones) to its search algorithm in the past year.  So even if you’ve previously had your site optimized, you’ll want to sit in to find out how these changes could impact your site’s performance.  Any company that attends will be eligible for a free review of their site’s performance after the show.

If your company has a website, you’ve built it with the hope that your site would become a successful sales tool for your business.  That can’t happen without a concerted effort to learn about and use social media and content marketing as part of your SEO strategy.


Ms. Charles is the president of industrial website and SEO firm Pilot Fish, of Akron, Ohio.

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