FABTECH Fact Friday: Manufacturing Excels in Georgia Today

In Fact Friday by Staff Report

Happy Friday FABTECHers!

For last week’s fact, we took you back to Georgia history to learn about manufacturing in the state during the Civil War.

This week, we’re flashing forward to the present day to see the role of manufacturing in the state today.

Here’s a few facts –

Current statistics show that manufacturing is a large source of Georgia jobs. Some 420,000 people are employed in manufacturing at more than 9,500 facilities around the state.  And, according to Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, for each manufacturing job in the state, five additional jobs are created to support it.

And just this month, Georgia was named CNBC’s Top State for Business in 2014, scoring high in categories like workforce and economy.

But that’s not to say that Georgia manufacturers don’t face the same problems as other U.S. manufacturers.  For instance, a recent local news story described the difficulty Georgia manufacturers have in finding workers who are qualified or trainable.

And its that experience in the sector that makes Atlanta, Georgia the perfect home for the 2014 FABTECH show.  At the show, we’ll be exploring issues surrounding the future of U.S. manufacturing from new technology to the workforce pipeline on special panel discussions and education sessions.  Not to mention the 1,400 exhibiting companies!

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